About Us



Chris Kissner started ProCntr, Inc., pronounced “Pro Center”, to provide his business development skills to small business managers wanting to get more customers and close more deals with less effort. He applies basic, proven, 101-level services at a fraction of the cost of much larger agencies. Most of the work is done by Chris, but sometimes he collaborates with independent gurus of different industries.



ProCntr is the small business services store. To merge marketing, databases and web technology to help companies and entrepreneurs reach their profit goals. Our marketing services include web, email and social media. We also customize CRMs, Customer Relationship Manager, and Google Apps integrations.


We will continue teaming up with other skilled and valuable service providers, to make ProCntr the first and only destination that a small business needs to visit. ProCntr.com will become an invaluable resource with a large knowledge-base, vendor list and reviews. Through hard work and dedication, we will be become an integral part of the success of hundreds of business and non-profit ventures.


  1. Focus on the Client – Everything we do starts with the needs of our client, the small business manager. We want to leave clients happy with the results of our marketing and feeling confident in their ability to use the tools that we have setup for them.
  2. Create a Positive Impact – We will not settle for “OK”. We are determined to wow our clients and followers. We want people to love the service we provide and the tools we employ in their companies.
  3. Educate – We appreciate that the small-business community thrives on self-education and a die-hard DIY spirit. We respect that attitude and work to promote it.